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The Power of Co-design

The Authentic Co-design team was invited to present a webinar on The Power of Co-Design with Lisa Attygalle of the Tamarack Institute.

The webinar was attended by over 100 people eager to explore co-design which is a collaborative approach that actively involves a diverse stakeholder group (e.g. staff, partners, citizens, customers and end-users) in a design process to create something that meets their shared needs.

When done well, the co-design process combats polarization and allows for the seemingly impossible to happen: Alignment.

During the webinar we explored what an authentic co-design process looks like. What makes it authentic, and therefore powerful, when it should be used and importantly, when should it not be used.

Watch the recording to see Max Hardy and Anthony Boxshall together with Lisa Attygalle, explore what makes co-design powerful. See examples from recent projects to illustrate the process and be inspired by the outcomes that are produced.

Do you have a project that would benefit from a different approach like co-design? Contact us to discuss today.

Find out more about our Authentic Co-design course here so you can plan and lead an Authentic Co-design process in your organisation.

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