We currently have two self-paced, online courses available so you can get started today. 

Our current courses are: 

  • Introducing Authentic Co-design - this course is a taster, designed to introduce you to the key models and planning tools that will help you create a successful co-design process in your organisation. 

  • Authentic Co-design - designed to help you work through co-design theory and implementation for a project you're working on.  This is a practical course and includes your own copy of the Authentic Co-design Manual. 

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Introducing Authentic Co-design 

This short, taster course will introduce you the key models and planning tools to help you start a co-design approach in your organisation. 

Co-design is a word that gets thrown around a lot. This course will introduce you to: 

  • what's involved in a co-design process

  • the key tools of the Authentic Co-design approach - co-design principles, six-step framework, common challenges and benefits.

  • what makes a process designed to be powerful and deliver better projects.

You can purchase this introductory course for AUD$127.00 and start today. 


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Authentic Co-design

Whether you've been involved in co-design projects before or are just grappling with how to tackle a difficult project with lots of stakeholders this collection of co-design resources is for you. 

When you invest in the course, you receive:

  • The 90-page Authentic Co-design Manual.

  • Over 3 hours of video content. 

  • Checklists for each step of the Authentic Co-design process. 

  • The combined expertise of Max, Anthony and Susan. 

  • Two essential planning tools:

These are tools, Max, Anthony and Susan have successfully used to create processes and ultimately build great relationships with stakeholders many times over..

You can purchase your Authentic Co-design course today for AUD$457.00 and start today.

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