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About Authentic Co-Design

Co-design is all about solving complex issues with communities to deliver projects and build trust.

What is Co-design?

In a government or corporate context, co-design can be most simply defined as the act of creating a fit-for-purpose solution or product with ‘communities of interest’.

Why consider Co-design?

For projects that are complex and potentially controversial co-design offers a better way of working with communities to implement your project.

The main benefits of Co-design are:

  • Relationships of trust are built throughout the process

  • Local knowledge is valued and helps to inform the solution

  • Technical subject-matter experts remain connected throughout and apply their expertise as options are explored

  • Early opponents often become advocates of the process, and the outcomes

  • Substantial project savings as project is more likely to be delivered on time and within budget (by avoiding ongoing protests, legal costs, and political interventions)

  • A more enjoyable, satisfying process for all concerned (even despite some inevitable challenges as people learn to work together)

How do I implement Co-design? 

Until now there has not been a simple go-to framework and implementation guide for co-design. Based on years of experience the Authentic Co-design team developed the Authentic Co-design Framework and Manual setting out a six-step process. 


Click the link below to get your free copy of the Authentic Co-design Framework. 


Using Co-design as we 'open up'. Check out our latest webinar about the basics of Authentic Co-design here. 

What is co-design and why is it powerful? Check out our webinar with the Tamarack Institute here. 

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