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Meet the Team
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Anthony Boxshall

Anthony works in the strategic decision-making space, helping align the delivery and content of strategies so they are implemented and used. He coaches leaders and helps others see signal in the noise to cut through for delivery. He is a strong, clear, and accountable facilitator. He has made a career of demystifying science for communities and all non-scientists. He is adept at co-design processes to enable clear decision-making that brings along all stakeholders.


Max Hardy 

Max works with leaders and organisations to achieve results through collaboration. His focus is on their toughest and most complex projects whilst also building ongoing capacity to collaborate and engage, across their organisation, with other organisations/stakeholders, and with their communities of interest.

Working as a coach, facilitator, process designer, trainer and strategic advisor, Max's approach is to work with people where they're at, understand their unique, and not so unique, challenges, and to co-create new ways of responding to those challenges.

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Susan Carter

Susan is an accomplished stakeholder engagement, communications and strategy professional with experience in State and Local Government, infrastructure, research, tourism and environment organisations.

Expertise includes the design, implementation and evaluation of online and offline engagement programs and tools for a broad range of stakeholder and organisational programs. Susan's expertise is teamed leadership and a broad range of skills across strategic communication, crisis communication, outrage management, behaviour change, relationship management, advocacy, stakeholder analysis, partnerships, community programs, facilitation, training, strategic planning and collaboration.

Susan has the expertise to design engagement strategy and framework to suit your organisation and develop a culture of engagement through strategy, staff capability protocols and tools. 

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