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Learn about co-design with us

Individual and team training options | Specialist coaching 

Co-design is a process that works even if the situation is complex and seems impossible, even when the stakeholders are angry at you and each other! In fact, this is an environment where co-design thrives. 

At Authentic Co-design, we offer a range of services that will help you work with your community and stakeholders to deliver better projects through co-design and engagement practice.

Whether you are after training for yourself, your team or are looking to work with us to develop a solution to your complex community and stakeholder projects.


See below to explore our services.  

Keyboard and Mouse

Two online, self-directed online courses are now available. You can start today!

Looking for a 'how-to' guide for co-design. Click below to find out more about the Authentic Co-design Implementation Manual 

We offer a range of professional development packages to suit your team. Packages include coaching, courses and tailored webinars.

Team Capability Packages


The Co-design Manual

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