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Catch up on the recent Webinar: Exploring the challenges of co-design.

At Authentic Co-design we hear lots of reasons NOT to do co-design.

Last week we ran a free webinar with tips and tricks for surmounting the common challenges.

To quote some of our participants about challenges they often see…

“Need to recognise there is a potential GULF of trust at least initially between senior managers and the lived experience people they are hiring to work with them…”

“The trust issue is very real, some populations have had very poor experiences in … services and building relationship and trust is the first step and takes time.”

“Going to where people are instead of making people come to you is also helpful. We ask people to do so much work to be involved in our projects.”

“Vocal community members may criticise a co-design process if they were not personally involved and/or personally invited to participate in it.”

“Where co design is just starting there is a need for management to have a clear understanding of what they expect from the co designers and maybe develop some policies around that”.

“Often we find leaders want a process co-designed but only bringing in consumers after all the preliminary work and planning has happened.”

These are just some of the great comments that participants discussed with us as we explored the challenges to co-design, and how to work with (or at times around) them.

While you are there, consider registering for our Authentic Co-design Bootcamp – which is responding to your requests for deeper dives into the world of Authentic Co-design.

Of course if you are not ready for a Bootcamp yet, you can skill yourself up in Co-design through our effective and self-paced courses:

More Resources

Over the last few years we’ve released a few related resources for getting comfortable with doing co-design. Here are some links to the relevant ones:

Join us. We look forward seeing you on the co-design journey.

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