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Welcome to Authentic Co-design  

Building capability in co-design and deliberative engagement processes.  

At Authentic Co-design we offer a range of services that will help you work with your community and stakeholders to deliver better projects.

Most of us have faced a complex project at one time or another – one with multiple stakeholders with skin in the game, complex or uncertain science or technical elements. 


If you have a complex project that requires community and stakeholder involvement trust or you need to stop the tension, complaints or outrage you’re currently experiencing then, check out what we have to offer.


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Watch the replay 

Click below to join the Authentic Co-design team as we explore the challenges of co-design at our latest live, online workshop  

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Listen to the podcast

Click below to listen to the Authentic Co-design episode on Cool Collaborations with Mark Millar.




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Watch the webinar 

Check out our webinar with the Tamarack Institute on the 'Power of Co-design. During this webinar we discuss: 

  • Exactly what co-design is. 

  • The  Authentic Co-design method including the six-step framework and principles of Authentic Co-design. 

  • Some examples of real co-design projects. 

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Self-paced online learning

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Individual and team development packages. 


Melbourne, Vic, Australia, and online for the world!

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