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How do you learn?

An opportunity for those committed to authentic co-design.

It is worth thinking about it – the question, how do we learn? Have you ever reflected on moments in your life when you have a major awakening? A time when ‘the penny dropped’ for you, or a time when you were so challenged about a particular issue you changed your viewpoint?

Rarely, I find, people recall moments when they have been in a training course, or at a lecture, although some do. Most people recall a conversation, where they have listened intently to a story, or they’ve been asked a really challenging question (for which we have no immediate answer).

For me, I recall a time, aged 18, mixing with mature age students at a hotel in Ultimo after classes. No subject was off-limits. I was the youngest person there. There was banter, provocation, stories and questions. It was stimulating, confronting yet respectful. Having grown up in a working-class family from southwestern suburban Sydney it was an eye-opener. It was, for me, transformational.

Ever since my work has centred around making space for such conversations and learning. This is why, with my colleagues Susan Carter and Anthony Boxshall, we are providing a free opportunity for anyone who has completed either the Authentic Co-design course or the Introduction to Authentic Co-design Course.

The first Quarterly Conversation will be at 8 am (Australian Eastern Standard time) on Thursday 15 April.

You’ll have the opportunity to join the experienced Authentic Co-design team and ask questions, share reflections, or discuss current projects and challenges.

You can book into the event as soon as you have bought a course. This is a great opportunity to extend your skills, and join a network of people interested in genuinely working with communities to address complex issues.

If you want to find out more, message me, or email us at

You can also register right here.

Let’s learn together because we all need to get smarter about how we can collectively make a difference.


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